I can’t believe the Queensland elections are going ahead.

Heard the most spectacular conspiracy theory about the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID today.

Apparently it’s an engineered nanovirus designed to kill the elderly because it’s too expensive to look after an aging population. It’s distributed by chemtrails, and activated over the 5G network.

I’m not having a good day. I slept in, was running late for work, and I accidentally put on brown boots instead of black.

I have migrated my Mastodon instance to a new virtual server. What a ball-ache! But, it works better now.

It was so cool to see people get so excited over a ride. But shortly, within 10 minutes, there were no more boarding groups available. People left the park.

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And then at 09:00, the β€œJoin Boarding Group” button lit up and people started cheering as they got assigned a boarding group.

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In Main Street, there was probably 2,000 people with their phones out waiting for 09:00. With a minute to go, silence.

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Chris and I got tickets to the Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion ride at Disneyland.

What an interesting way of distributing tickets: rock up at the park prior to opening in order to tap a button in the Disneyland app to get a boarding group.

Nancy Pelosi is trying really hard to kill Donald with her eyes.

There are so many people at Disneyland with mobility scooters.

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