What. The. Fuck?

โ€œGovernment services minister Stuart Robert has argued Apple and Google are intruding on the sovereignty of nations like Australia by not giving them more control over the exposure notification system in their contact tracing technology.โ€ gu.com/p/e9byf/stw

Bring back public voting! This housemates-vote-for-eachother thing is bullshit.

Also this contact with the outside world thing is bullshit.


Is that what straight boys have nightmares about? โ€œMy girlfriend started following like 40 blokesโ€โ€ฆ what the fuck?

Actual wise words coming out of Barnabyโ€™s mouth.

Barnaby Joyce joins the fight against the governmentโ€™s vaping ban โ€“ 2GB 2gb.com/barnaby-joyce-joins-th

I am deeply concerned that the proposed heavy handed enforcement of import bans on vaping liquids will lead to perverse health outcomes. Sign the petition and tell @GregHuntMP that you ! vapepetition.com.au/?recruiter

Doesnโ€™t change that I hate the organisers of this.

Incidentally, my bus journey turned into quite the debacle. I caught the *outbound* bus instead of the inbound one, so I ended up lost in the suburbs. I cracked the shits and caught an Uber home.

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I donโ€™t look homeless any more. But Iโ€™m also riding the bus. Swings and roundabouts.

I put myself on the scales this morning. I weigh 90kg. This is the most thicc Iโ€™ve ever been.

Iโ€™ve booked in this afternoon for my first F45 session in months. RIP me.

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