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Is anyone going to watch Plate of Origin? It looks like rubbish…

How am I supposed to bring-watch Ted Lasso when there’s only a new episode every week?

I’ve eaten a lot of seafood this week, and I’m pretty sure I’ve developed an allergy.

Westfield Carindale: β€œSocial distancing? What social distancing!”

Excuse me please, what is the difference between IGTV and Reels, and why is Tiktok still better?

I’m sorry, but what possible medical reason could exempt a person from wearing a mask or face covering?

I’m testing an upcoming release of our product that integrates with our emergency services dispatch system.

Emergency services dispatch is very complicated and it’s given me a headache.

What. The. Fuck?

β€œGovernment services minister Stuart Robert has argued Apple and Google are intruding on the sovereignty of nations like Australia by not giving them more control over the exposure notification system in their contact tracing technology.”

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