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Excuse me please America, why does no one on your have proper swimwear or island attire?

With the new MacBook Pro 13” not being 14” and not having a dedicated GPU, it looks like I’m ripping the screen off my iMac and installing an SSD to try and get another year or so of life out of it.

Does anyone have a Plex server they want to swap access to?

An hour ago, Amazon emailed me saying Nintendo Switch is back in stock.

It is no longer in stock.


I have an occipital neuralgia causing intermittent sharp pain behind my right ear and it is absolutely KILLING me

I can’t believe the Queensland elections are going ahead.

Heard the most spectacular conspiracy theory about the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID today.

Apparently it’s an engineered nanovirus designed to kill the elderly because it’s too expensive to look after an aging population. It’s distributed by chemtrails, and activated over the 5G network.

I’m not having a good day. I slept in, was running late for work, and I accidentally put on brown boots instead of black.

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