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I don’t look homeless any more. But I’m also riding the bus. Swings and roundabouts.

I put myself on the scales this morning. I weigh 90kg. This is the most thicc I’ve ever been.

I’ve booked in this afternoon for my first F45 session in months. RIP me.

Kieran is a goat… I don’t think anyone is going to want him evicted

LOL @ the Instagram stories about being back at the gym. I’m going to McDonalds for dinner.

The tone of the footage on Australian news is so… wrong. Sympathising with the police.

Excuse me please America, why does no one on your have proper swimwear or island attire?

With the new MacBook Pro 13” not being 14” and not having a dedicated GPU, it looks like I’m ripping the screen off my iMac and installing an SSD to try and get another year or so of life out of it.

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