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How did I only just learn about the scroll bar on Apple TV? By accident.

I just spent an hour trying to debug an SSL error when I accessed an API. cURL was reporting TLS errors. Updated cURL, updated PHP, nothing works. Reading errata, adding debug code, testing specific SSL/TLS versions. Still
not working.

I was pulling my hair out.

Just got a COVID test because I arrived back from Sydney since 11 December.

Was in and out at QE2 in 15 minutes. It kind of tickled.

Four stars.

Does anyone watch the Big Bash any more? The stadium is empty!

I went to my station’s Christmas party last night. I miss them all!

But now I’m hung over and have to go new work.

(This is the β€œInformed Medical Options Party” candidate, who are anti-vaxxers.)

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I am really nervous about the election tomorrow.

I don’t think Queensland could handle four years of LNP.

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